Private Mentorships

Masterpiece School of Furniture (MSF) is a state-of-the-art woodworking school that creates an inspirational environment in which professionals and non-professionals are skillfully mentored in the superior techniques and exquisite fine art of furniture making.

Private Mentorships are incredibly powerful custom designed and paced programs. Imagine having an expert practitioner in the fine art of making furniture bringing all of their experience to the worktable in service of your goals. The student being mentored has sole or priority access to the assigned instructor during their scheduled mentorship hours.  Private mentorships are usually project oriented (such as building a jewelry box or dining room table), but they can also be skill oriented (such as decorative carving or design essentials).

The student’s learning curve progresses dramatically with this kind of mentorship.  Their experience of the training combines the joy of creating something magnificent with the deep satisfaction of accelerated mastery.

Private Mentorship differs from Private Tutorials, which are geared towards helping a student keep pace with their class.  The tuition for Private Mentorships is based on the level of training and amount of supervision needed. The schedule for private mentorships is customized to fit the student’s needs and instructor’s availability.

Please contact us if you are ready to catapult your training program from ordinary to spectacular with project results to match.

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