Project & Skills Mentorships/Workshops

Masterpiece School of Furniture (MSF) is a state-of-the-art woodworking school that creates an inspirational environment in which professionals and non-professionals are skillfully mentored in the superior techniques and exquisite fine art of furniture making.

Many of our students are looking for a wonderfully fun, richly educational experience that can fit into their current lives. Or perhaps they are dipping a tentative toe into the pool of professional possibilities before jumping in wholeheartedly.

Project and Skills Mentorships/Workshops include custom private mentorship sessions and short, less extensive pre-designed courses usually held over a period of 1-10 days.  Both are open to  professionals and the public. They generally do not have prerequisites and are narrow in scope. Mentorships/Workshops may be project oriented, such as:

  • Building a Hardwood Side Table
  • Building a Stool
  • Building a Long Board (skateboard)
  • Drawer Making
  • Making a Door
  • Building a Cabinet
  • Lamp Making
  • Building a Farm Table

… or focused a specific population or on developing knowledge and skills such as:

  • Selecting Woods
  • Proper Tool Use and Maintenance
  • Business Practices
  • Laminations
  • Inlay Techniques
  • French Polish and Finishing
  • Restoration
  • Fundamental Woodworking for Women

Mentorships are usually private and focus on any skill or project the student wishes to learn or complete.  The price is set by the instructor and is based on the time needed and the complexity of the project/skill.

Workshop courses that are pre-designed will vary from season to season – check our schedule to see what’s on the horizon that might fit for you.

Concurrent Classes:  Some of our Project & Skills Workshops are segments of our Professional Training, such as the class titled: Business Practices.  These classes will be required of professional students and are also opened to allow attendance by the public on a space available basis.

Certificates:  Students who successfully complete each Project & Skills Workshop will receive a Certificate of Attendance from MSF for that specific course.

Tuitions & Registrations for Projects & Skills Workshops
Students are considered enrolled in a class when they have submitted a properly completed registration form along with full tuition, and have received confirmation from the school.  Tuitions for Projects and Skills Workshops are listed within each class description. Some classes require an additional materials fee – which will also be listed in the class description.  Mentorships are custom arranged and priced.

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