Tuitions & Registration

Our Professional Training is offered in three quarterly sessions:  Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Quarterly sessions  can be taken consecutively to form longer programs.  Students can choose to begin their training in any session and and have the following options:

  • Enroll in a single 12-week session (3-month program) and graduate at the Basic Furniture Making skill level.
  • Enroll in our 6-month program (2 consecutive quarterly sessions) and graduate at the Intermediate Furniture Making skill level.
  • Enroll in our 9-month program (3 consecutive quarterly sessions) and graduate with Masters-Level Furniture Making skills.

Our entire program takes 9 months of class time to deliver so we recommend that students enroll in 3 consecutive sessions to complete the full curriculum.  There are substantial discounts built into our tuition schedule for the 6 and 9-month programs.

Professional Training class sizes are limited to 12 students.  Masterpiece School of Furniture (MSF) maintains a waiting list that is honored first-come-first-serve.

Tuitions for Professional Courses

3-Month Program6-Month Program9-Month Program

Please note that MSF does not invoice students for tuition.  It is the student’s responsibility to submit all payments on time.

Registration Fee:  There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee added to all professional program tuitions.   This fee is added to the deposit or first tuition payment, whichever is paid first.

Deposit:  Student registering more than 30 days in advance may submit a nonrefundable deposit of $500 to hold their space in class and 100% of the deposit is credited towards tuition.  Deposits are only accepted with fully completed registration forms.  The tuition balance or tuition first installment is due 30 days in advance of the class.  If the tuition payment is not paid by the due date, Masterpiece School of Furniture reserves the right to cancel the registration and the student will forfeit the deposit and non-refundable fees.

Full Payment:  Students choosing to pay their tuition in full prior to class must include the non-refundable $50 registration fee and make payment 30 days or more in advance of the class start date.  We accept personal checks and credit cards.

Students who will be paying by credit card have the option to pay their tuition in installments.  In additional to the registration fee, students on the installment plan must pay an additional non-refundable administrative fee of $75.  Tuition payments are made via two installments per quarter over the period of the program.

Students on the installment plan must sign a credit card authorization form that allows MSF to automatically charge their credit card for the remaining installments when they are due (we’ll provide students with specific payment dates in advance).

Installment Amounts

1st Installment2nd Installment3rd Installment4th Installment5th Installment6th Installment
3-Month Session$3,217.50 + fees ($50+$75)$3,217.50____
6-Month Session$3,120 + fees ($50+$75)$3,120$3,120$3,120__
9-Month Session$2,960+ fees ($50+$75)$2,958$2,958$2,958$2,958$2,958

Installment Due Dates: General

– There are 2 installment payments due per quarter of the program you choose.
– The first installment for the entire program is due 30 days before your class session begins and should include registration and payment plan fees.
– Each subsequent installment is due during the 8th and 1st weeks of each quarter of your program.

Spring :  Installment Payment Due Dates

1st Installment2nd Installment3rd Installment4th Installment5th Installment6th Installment
ForAll programsAll programs6 & 9-month programs6 & 9-month programs9-month programs9-month programs

Please note that the actual charge date may be 24 hours before or after this date (a 3-day window).

Late Fee:  MSF may, at its discretion, accept payment later than the due date and has the prerogative of charging a late fee of $50 for each of these occurrences.

Work Study:  Students may apply for our Work Study option.   In return for acting as Shop Monitor during open shop periods, MSF will reduce the student’s tuition.  Shop monitors must be present in the shop during assigned hours primarily to enhance safety (assigned hours will not conflict with class hours).  Among other responsibilities, Shop Monitors make sure policies are honored and are responsible for making sure the shop is left in good order.  If space is available, Monitors may use the shop to work on their own projects during their shifts.  We will assign up to 40 hours of shop monitoring responsibility per quarter and reduce tuition by $350 for each 40-hour commitment.   This amount will be deducted from the student’s final payment.  We will most likely limit work study to one 40-hour assignment per quarter per student.  Our preference is to award work study positions first to students experiencing financial hardship.  Please notify us if you are interested in work study.

Scholarships:  MSF does not currently offer scholarships.

Early Enrollment Discount:  Students who enroll 45 days or more in advance of the class start date may deduct $50 from their first tuition payment.  This discount is not allowed when paying the deposit.  It is only allowed when paying the first tuition payment.

Summary of Fees & Discounts for Professional classes:

Deposit option – if paid more than 30 days in advance (non-refundable)$500
Registration fee due at time of enrollment (non-refundable)$50
Early enrollment discount option:  Students who enroll 45 days or more in advance of the class start date may deduct $50 from their first payment (not allowed with deposit).-$50
Payment plan option administrative fee  (non-refundable)$75
Late Fee$50
Materials for class are the responsibilities of the students.  After registration is accepted, students receive a materials and tools list for the class.  The cost of materials generally averages $500 per quarter.Variable

Registration fees and fees for the optional Installment Plan are due with the deposit or first tuition payment, whichever you submit first.

For our Professional Training Calendar, click HERE.  For Professional Training Policies information, click HERE.  If you are ready to register:

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