Tuitions & Registration

Tuitions & Registration for Professional Classes
Students are considered enrolled in a class when they have submitted a properly completed registration form along with full tuition or first payment amount.

Tuitions: There are two tuition rates.

  • The early enrollment tuition rate is for students who enroll 30 or more days before the class date.
  • The standard enrollment tuition rate is for students to enroll and pay for the courses less then 30 days in advance.

Payment Plan:
Students enrolling in the Professional Training Series may pay their tuition in two equal installments for an additional $75 administrative fee.

  • The first installment is due with submission of the registration form and the tuition amount is determined by the date submitted (early versus standard rate). The $75 administrative fee is added to the first payment and is non-refundable.
  • The second installment is due at the beginning of the 8th week of class. The exact due date is listed on the schedule.  It is the student’s responsibility to make their second payment on time – MSF does not invoice or remind students of payment due dates.

Please see our Terms, Conditions and Policies for additional, important details regarding tuition payment and refund policies.

Tuition (if paid in full at time of registration)  Please note that this section of our website is not yet complete.  We appreciate your patience while we determine our class schedule and tuition structure.  Please join our database to be notified of updates.

*if paid in full at registration

Early Enrollment Rate*
30 or more days in advance
of the class start date

Standard Enrollment Rate*
Less than 30 days in advance
of the class start date

Basic Furniture Making

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Intermediate Furniture Making

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Master-Level Furniture Making

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*Tuitions do not include the cost of some materials and tools. You can download each class’ Materials List below:

Basic Furniture Making Materials List (pdf)
Intermediate Furniture Making Materials List (pdf)
Master-Level Furniture Making Materials List (pdf)

Payment Methods: We accept payment by credit card through paypal, or by check. See our Registration Form for more information.

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