Our Furniture Making Courses

Masterpiece School of Furniture (MSF) is a state-of-the-art woodworking school that creates an inspirational environment in which professionals and non-professionals are skillfully mentored in the superior techniques and exquisite fine art of furniture making.

Our Students

All our students come to us with their own distinctive skill-sets, goals, and aptitudes.  They are a wonderfully diversified bunch, such as:

  • The weekend-wood-warrior who wants to build a chair or learn to carve (for example).
  • The corporate wage-slave wanting to reinvent herself by changing professions.
  • The furniture maker wishing to learn new skills to satisfy his passion and advance his business.
  • The veteran looking for an interesting and rewarding new career.
  • The retired person or hobbyist wanting to have a blast expressing themselves creatively.
  • The high school and college student getting a great jump-start on a professional trade for after graduation.

But, as diverse as they are, all our students have one thing in common – they come through our doors searching for a creative, magical environment that will help them manifest their vision into tangible reality  – and mentors who will show them how to access and fully express their inner designer and woodworker.  Together with MSF instructors, our students form an enthusiastic community of like-minded but singularly gifted craftspeople, and every one of them contributes to the school’s reputation for creative adventure and professional results.

Our Philosophy:

We don’t teach our students – we mentor them. While our classes are composed of small groups, each student is individually coached so that, within the context of the curriculum, their skills advance at a rate suitable for them. We also respect our students and encourage the expression of their natural gifts. We work with them to help them achieve their goals – not ours.

The atmosphere in our workshop arena is warmly congenial, industrious, and at times, lighthearted and entertaining.  A sense of shared passion unites the students and instructors into a true community and, many times, life-long friendships and business connections are established.

Our Courses

We hope you decide to invite us along on your upcoming journey in learning how to create the most beautiful furniture.  We’ve specially designed 2 types of training opportunities to suit your desires and goals: