Professional Training Calendar

2015 Fall Class Schedule
September 1 – November 24
The school will be closed on Labor Day September 7 and Veterans Day November 11
Classes meet Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:30pm.

2015-2016 Winter Class Schedule
December 1 through February 27
·  The school will be closed for Holiday Break from December 22 through January 4
·  The school will be closed for Session Break February 27
Classes meet Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:30pm.

2015 Spring Class Schedule
March 2 – May 22
The school will be closed for Easter break from April 3 -6
Classes meet Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:30pm.

2015 Summer Class Schedule
Our Summer schedule  June 1- August 21 is for Projects & Skills Mentorships/Workshops and can be found here  when it is available.  We do not offer the Professional Training Series during Summer months.
Professional classes train students in the Topics and Skills listed on our Professional Courses page. We teach these topics/skills as a natural part of project work, in the order most suited to the project, and at the skill level of each student.

Alumni Testimonials

During my time at the Masterpiece School of Furniture I gained a comprehensive set of traditional and contemporary woodworking skills that ranged from how to hone and sharpen my chisels and planes to traditional hide glue veneering – as well as incorporating modern machinery into the process to increase efficiency. The shop was a fun and creative environment where there was virtually no limit to what could be learned.

James is an amazingly talented woodworker with a vast knowledge of history and techniques of cabinetmaking.  He has exceptional taste in design, aesthetics, and color.  I like to think that in the time I spent with him some of that rubbed off on me.  Being able to look at something and assess it in an objective way, whether it is my work or someone else’s is important.  I gained the ability to identify the elements of a piece that work and those that don’t, and how to incorporate the ones that do into future projects.

James not only taught me countless new skills but was also a mentor and taught me how to make a successful business out of cabinetmaking.  I learned how to sell myself as a tradesman to clients.  Not in the way you think of a car salesman selling an old car, but in doing the highest quality work, and being fair and honest with customers without under selling my self.  They are willing to pay more to get the highest quality, hand made, one-of-a-kind piece that they want.  It’s as much about customer relationships as it is product.

I currently own and operate a woodworking business in southern Maine designing and building Furniture and Cabinets, in addition to residential construction.  I use the skills and knowledge I acquired with James every day. The Masterpiece School is one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve ever had.

Eric Oransky
Eric Oransky Fine Woodworking LLC

At Masterpiece School of Furniture, I learned what is possible and that’s probably the best lesson of all. Knowing that gave me an advantage in an industry that is dominated by technology tunnel vision.  Where machines are used as a crutch because people don’t understand how you could make something without them. Working with my hands expanded the realm of possibility.

Beau Barber
Barber Brothers Furniture, Kitchens, & Baths

The best part of going to Masterpiece School of Furniture was that I was able to work with master craftsmen who love fine furniture as much as I do. It was an excellent experience.  I now have my own furniture business making custom furniture and restoring antiques for my clients.   I would like to be able to take more classes in the future.  I only have one regret – that I could only go to the school for 1 year.

Ron Robison

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